Time To Maintain Not Gain!

All right the holidays are upon us . American Thanksgiving may not mean much to us Canadians except football on a Thursday but it does signal the official start of parties and general excess. Too much shopping, too much drinking and too much eating. Why, when January rolls around do we feel like we gained the extra ten pounds or so we are carrying all in the last month. Its easy to blame the parties and family commitments. January is prime time for colds and flu but I think that we are so burnt out and have fed ourselves so poorly that our bodies just say stop.

I would like to suggest that you use the first weeks of December to start,Yes Start! a nutritional program like our Personal Best program. It does not mean you have to be an angel just be willing to learn how to make good eating choices and enjoy feeling great all through the holidays. We also offer a 9 day cleanse that will keep you on track and make your energy levels skyrocket. Want to lose 7-10 lbs for Christmas and start the momentum for 2011? Personal Best is ready for you and most importantly the time is right today!

Stupid question right? Your government has allowed some 50 diet pills to be sold in Canada and now one drug manufacturer has voluntarily recalled 11 of them! That does’nt happen unless they know something you don’t and they hope you don’t sue them for it.Another popular drug is strongly linked to heart attacks and there is now concern about possibly recalling it? How about the basis of all medicine..Do No Harm..lets pull it off and start asking questions.This topic is very close to my heart as we have based our Personal Best weight loss program on the most sound and safe principles. Modify your diet and move your body for an average daily caloric reduction of 500 calories and Voila! you will be your proper weight and more healthy 2 lbs a week. If you need to lose 50lbs.. budget 25 weeks..need to lose 30lbs.. budget 15 weeks..simple .And you know what? it’s about 8 weeks to christmas..want to be 16lbs lighter and feel great ..start today and leave the pills for the drug pushers.

Smoking Kills 13 000 Ontario Citizens a Year!

Sad but true. How much longer are we going to force,embarass,legislate and scorn smokers in Ontario and realize what we need to do is support them and give them real options to quit this addiction?The Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco says that smoking costs the Health care system 6 billion dollars a year.The real cost is in families and lives that are full of illness and disease. A smoking death is not a pretty one and the pain and suffering in the final years of life is one we don’t wish on even our greatest enemy. My point? Lets spend some energy on real programs that work for people and lets give an incentive for those who want to quit to do so. I am proud of our clinics that lead their patients through the quickstop solution but there are not enough clinicians doing this in Ontario. We can help thousand if not millions if we all work together.

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